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[GreenYes] Re: Staples Victory!
Another view on Staples...from Student activists.

Pete Pasterz, Manager
Office of Recycling and Waste Management
Michigan State University

Chair, College and University Recycling Council
National Recycling Coalition

"UNLESS someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot,
 nothing is going to get better.   It's not." -- The Lorax

>>> 11/13/02 12:01AM >>>
Staples Agreed to a Historic Endangered Forests and Recycled Paper 

Hey guys--eco has been working on the staples campaign since spring 
semester of 2001 or even fall semester of 2000.  anyways, we students 
and environmentalists across the country won!  staples is going to 
comply with everything we asked them to do!  read below for details.  
congratulations, and thanks to everyone who helped work on this 
campaign.  this goes to show, that although it may take a few years, 
we really can and DO make a difference, and every little action 
former coordinator
i miss you eco peoples!!!!!!! :)

Staples Agreed to a Historic Endangered Forests and Recycled Paper 

Today, Staples announced a commitment to phase out paper products
originating from endangered forests and dramatically increase its 
sale of recycled paper products.  Students across the country are 
celebrating a grassroots victory and so should all of you who worked 
on this campaign.

Over the past two years, Free The Planet! students organized hundreds 
of rallys, held dozens of press conferences, collected thousands of 
letters and postcards, and made thousdsands of phone calls to 
Staples.  Without your hard work, this victory would not have 
happened.    Congratulations!

Under Staples new guidelines,  the company will:
.       Phase out purchases of paper products from endangered forests,
including key forests in the Southern US, U.S. National Forests, and 
the world's last remaining ancient forests such as the Boreal forests 
of Canada.
.       Achieve an average of 30% post consumer recycled content 
across all paper products
.     Report annually to the public on its progress toward reaching 
these goals
.     Aggressively market and promote recycled paper products both in-
store and through ads and coupons
.     Create an environmental affairs division headed by a senior
executive reporting to Staples CEO

Staples' announcement comes a day before the 5th National Day of 
Action targeting Staples.  So, we are encouraging people to make 
Wednesday a day of victory and celebration for the forests- hold a 
press conference, organize a celebration rally and enjoy our 
collective success!

We are now looking to Staples' major competitors, including 
Office Max, and Corporate Express to follow Staples lead and make a
commitment to endangered forests and recycled paper products.

Again, Congratulations and call or email if you have any questions.

Christy, Beth and Kristina
Free the Planet!!

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