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Re: [GreenYes] Send AOL CDs here
This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing it. I have accumulated about a 
million of them. (I can't throw anything out, but save things like this in 
chests of 'rainy day' drawers in my basement. I envision my grandchildren 
poking through the drawers someday and using these bits of shiny stuff for 
crafts projects!)

At 03:40 PM 10/25/2002 -0400, Bill Sheehan wrote:
>Here's a light-hearted grassroots take back campaign that is
>spreading around the world.  It's a campaign to collect one
>million America Online (AOL) promotional CDs and send them
>back to AOL.  These things are made from PVC plastic,
>which creates poisonous dioxin when incinerated.

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