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[GreenYes] Staples sells recycled products?
hi everyone,
I'm not sure which is worse, Staples or OfficeMAX.  All I know is every time
I walk in Staples I become more and more annoyed.  The big poster in the
window with a recycle logo and statement about how Staples sells recycled
products is a nice thought...But reality is there is still very few recycled
items to be found in that store.  Those which are found are often only 20%

The copy center does not recycle office paper, even though local office
paper recycling programs do exist.  I'm not even so sure if they recycle
corrugated cardboard...but I'm checking up on this as we speak.  I guess
pressure from environmental organizations still hasn't made Staples care a
whole lot.

On a brighter note, I know there are sources for quality and cost
competitive recycled paper out there from businesses with a REAL commitment.
I order mine from GreenLine (1-800-641-1117.)  I'd rather support a business
who has a REAL COMMITMENT to paper recycling, post-consumer content,
processed chlorine free papers...etc, than a business who just provides lip
service when under pressure.  I am extremely impressed with the products I
order from GreenLine, and I thought you all should know it.

Steve Weisser

Stephen N. Weisser
Child Poverty rates: 20% US, 34% Wash. DC, 25% CA, 35% New Orleans.
Highest of any country in the western world.
2% in Scandinavia and they're ashamed of it.

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