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[GreenYes] Roll-off Tonnage Limits
We are considering some changes to our contract. We are considering the
following tonnage limits for roll-off service. Does anyone have any comment
on these numbers?

	15 yard roll-off:  Two and a half (2.5) ton limit
	20 yard roll-off:  Three (3) ton limit
	30 yard roll-off:  Three and a half (3.5) ton limit
	40 yard roll-off:  Four (4) ton limit
	50 yard roll- off:  Five (5) ton limit

	Also, our Contractor has advised us that 15-yard containers are not
usually in great demand and rarely used and 50-yard
	containers are unsafe to haul due to their length and height. Does
anyone have ideas about these roll-off sizes.

Thanks for your input!

Fairlight Newman
Recycling Coordinator 
Monterey County Environmental Health Division
1270 Natividad Rd. Room 102
Salinas, CA 93906
Phone:  (831) 796-1260
Fax:     (831) 755-8929 

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