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[GreenYes] Recycling Job In Santa Fe
To all:
Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested.....(job has never been filled, so opportunities in this position are wide open)
Thanks for the help

Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
Recycling/Reduction Coordinator

General Job Description: To plan, organize, coordinate and monitor recycling operations and contracts, identify and secure end markets for recyclables; and coordinate recycling/waste reduction activities with regional partners.

Essential Job Functions: (Examples only: additional essential job functions may be required) (A position may not include all of the duties, which may be found in a position of this class).
1. Develop and expand landfill recycling/diversion operations
2. Assist in the development of goals and objectives for regional recycling/diversion initiatives.
3. Analyze needs and recommend regional recycling infrastructure
4. Monitor and track recycling processing contracts for City and County programs
5. Collect and report regional recycling data
6. Identify and secure end markets for recyclables
7. Research and obtain available grant funding
8. Coordinate landfill customer education
9. Train Employees

Required Minimum Qualification:
Education/Experience: Bachelors degree in Environmental Science, Public Administration, or related field plus four (4) years experience in recycling, waste diversion, source reduction applications and programs or related field.

Certification/Liscense/Registration: Must posses a valid drivers license. Must Obtain State Manager of Recycling Operations Certificate within one year.

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Knowledge of and experience with the implementation od effective community recycling programs, market development, grant applications and other sponsorships available for financing project/programs of recycling, waste diversion and source reduction, applications and programs. Skill in effective communication, both orally and in writing, presentational skills targeting a variety of audiences. Familiarity with regulatory environment. Knowledge of and experience with basic budgetary principles and practices. Ability to initiate effective working relationships with peers, associates, public officials, board members, and representatives from civic and commercial entities; operate office machines such as copy machines, facsimile, computer, printer and telephone, to plan, assign, coordinate work, to coordinate and monitor
recycling/waste reduction activities on a regional basis.

Physical Abilities Required: Must be able to lift 50 pounds or more. Work can be strenuous involving bending, lifting and rapid movement.

Working Conditions: Work may be performed inside an office setting or outdoors under inclement weather conditions. Overtime, weekend, holiday, night shift work may be required. Traveling is necessary when projects with other entities such as schools, state and county offices are coordinated. Exposure to heat, fumes, flammable vapors, noise and possibility of exposure to hazardous and/or infectious materials.

Salary Range: $30,500-$40,000
Closing Date: Open till filled

Contact Jodi Gonzales at 505-780-0611 or 505- 424-1850 for application info

org:Santa Fe County;Solid Waste Division
adr:;;PO Box 276;Santa Fe;NM;87504-0276;USA
title:Waste Reduction Coordinator
fn:Justin Stockdale

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