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[GreenYes] Esoteric Recycling
I have a request from our campus Instuctional Media Center to recycle:

--50,000 [annual] rolls of transparency film

--1000 [annual] projection lamps .

Yes, I have already talked with 3M/Gemark [and they will "accept" the transparency rolls, of course if we ship them to PA].    

Has anyone had any other good experiences with or leads for recyclers with "better terms"?

On the lamps...any recycling leads?   I know that in some states lamps of various types [beyond fluorescent] are now considered universal waste [not so in my anti-regulatory state].    Has this stimulated an infrastructure for Halogen lamp recycling?     Again, any good experiences or leads would be helpful.


Pete Pasterz, Manager
Office of Recycling and Waste Management
Michigan State University

Chair, College and University Recycling Council
Vice President, National Recycling Coalition

"UNLESS someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot,
 nothing is going to get better.   It's not." -- The Lorax

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