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[GreenYes] Paper Egg Cartons
As a kid in the 1960s I recall winning a promotional record by "The Archies" 
given by KOLT radio in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  I was the 10th caller which 
was no mean feat given we had rotary dial telephones!  My dad and I were 
given a tour of the broadcast facilities, which consisted of two small rooms 
under a radio tower out in the middle of a cow pasture.  The broadcasting 
room was paneled with old paper egg cartons for, I assume, acoustical 
purposes.  I still have the record.

We were admonished to "save the cartons" well into the 1970s here in 
Nebraska.  I assume they were returned to the grocery store or hatchery.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications/Refuse News  
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