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[GreenYes] Ink Jet Cartridge Collection Program
The little green bags to collect used ink jet toner cartridges seem to be everywhere these days.  This program is run by Nu-Kote.  Nu-Kote is the premier remanufacture of toner cartridges in the US and supplies most of the products currently being sold by companies like Office Depot.  Nu-Kote is just expanding into the area of remanufactured ink jet cartridges.  I've seen those plastic envelopes available at both Office Depot and Staples, although it wasn't clear if they were consistently available.
They can be reached at but they provide very little information on that site.
A better source of information is from Erin Anderson, Inkjet Product Manager at Nu-Kote.  She can be reached at
I have no connection with the company, but did some research on them a few months ago and I got them to send me some of the bags and collection boxes so we could run an ink jet collection program for EarthDay at my children's school.
Happy Earth Day - 'yall
Fran McPoland
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Subject: [GreenYes] FREE postage paid inkjet envelope
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 11:15:49 -0600
From: "Megan Kershner" <>
Reply-To: "Megan Kershner" <>
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Anyone have more information and/or a web link on the clear plastic,
postage paid envelopes for recycling inkjet cartridges found at US Post

The envelope is clear with green printing, approximately 5"x7".  It
reads "This cartridge return program is not sponsored by or affiliated
with the cartridge manufacturer."  The mailing address is "Recycling
Center, Franklin, TN."
Any info would be appreciated.

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