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Re: [GreenYes] America Recycles Day
Hi Rick:

I asked: << Has anyone out there ever organized a BOTTLE & CAN DRIVE as an ARD
>event?   Or know anyone who has?   >>

You replied: We did in San Bernardino County to raise money for 2nd chance 
day which is
>around the same time.  Why?

I was interested to note that the powerful search engine GOOGLE did not 
come up with a single hit when I searched America-Recycles-Day 
bottle-drive.  This suggests that nowhere in all the internet-published 
material about ARD has there ever been mention of a bottle-drive event on 
ARD. I can only wonder why such a great community fund-raiser which 
provides educational as well as community benefits has never been part of 
America Recycles Day. Could it be .... who pays the piper?

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