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[GreenYes] tracking recyclable collection
Hello, folks,

We are looking into ways to track recycling collection on a box-by box (or
building-by-building) level.  The concept is a barcode system with a
handheld scanner that the recycling collection crew can carry to record the
amount of material they collect from each of our 200 or so office buildings.
The system would record number of bags or boxes, rather than weight.  It
would also let us know if and when the collection crew was physically in a
building - we sometimes have differing opinions on that....

We keep track now with a paper system, but we can't guarantee its accuracy.
The crew writes down what they collect from each building each day, but
there is no way we can verify their information without following them
around all day!

Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf system that can be used for this
purpose, or have one in place they have invented or modified?  We have
received proposals ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 - so we need to clarify
our specifications.  Most barcode systems are designed to track inventory
that moves past a fixed point, rather than the other way around.

I appreciate any advice you can offer on this one.

Fort Belvoir

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