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[GreenYes] Should NYC do away with curbside recycling?
Hi all,

The local WB 11 TV poll last night: Should NYC do away with curbside 
recycling, had the following result:  Yes: 16%, No 84%.  (Just in case 
anybody thought that New Yorkers don't like the recycling program)

They had a story on recycling showing a clip from a Metal, glass, plastic 
Material Recovery Facility and a clip with the NY City Council's Sanitation 
Committee chair, McMahon from today's City Hall park press conference, 
favorable to fixing the program rather than doing away with it.  The 
conference was quite well-attended with all sorts of media there covering 
the story in the cold rain.  Our meetings with the Councilmembers also went 
well.  A number of the advisory community spoke at the press conference as 
did several councilmembers, with interviews following.

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City 
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