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[GreenYes] Fw: mandatory separation question
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From: "Neil Tangri" <>
To: "Bill Sheehan" <>
Cc: "Mariana Boy Tamborrell"
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 5:07 PM
Subject: separation question

Can you forward this to your network please? It's from an ally in Mexico
who's dealing with a number of waste-related laws currently before the
Congress there. She wants to know our thoughts on one piece of one
of these bills:

Article 48:
The separation of municipal waste is mandatory and must be in accordance
with its character:

I. Organics: all solid, biodegradable wastes;
II. Inorganics:
a) recyclabes:
i) glass
ii) paper and cardboard
iii) plastics
iv) laminates of recyclable materials; and
v) aluminum and non-hazardous metals

b) domestic sanitary waste [this refers to diapers, tampons, etc. I believe]

c) other wastes not falling under "special management" [this would be a
separate clause referring to hazwaste, etc.]

Does this make sense as a regulatory scheme?

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