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[GreenYes] Netiquette & reducing waste (of time)
When you reply or post to the greenyes list, please remember the following
from your "welcome to greenyes" email.  Sometimes, the digest messages are
75% unnecessarily-repeated text from previous messages.  I very much
appreciate the info exchange that goes on through this listserv, and would
love it more if there were less chaff to spend time plowing through.  Anne
McLaughlin, Portland, OR.  Now for the "welcome" message excerpt:

"When you reply to the greenyes list: 

"a. please remove unnecessary quoted text [Note from Anne: for example, Muna
does a great job of excerpting just the text being responded to, while some
messages include hundreds of lines of unnecessary text.]

"b. insert the correct email subject for your reply.
This will allow our archiver to put your reply under the right heading
rather than starting a new subject.  Smaller archives means we can keep more
of the archive available longer.

"Please consider viewing our archived area before asking questions on the
list. You may then be able to ask a better, more informed question once you
know if your topic has been discussed."

Thank you everyone.

Anne McLaughlin, City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development, Solid
Waste & Recycling Program
721 NW 9th Ave, Rm. 350, Portland OR 97209-3447
Interoffice Mail:  Bldg. 921 
Phone 503-823-7061  Fax 503-823-4562  
Usual work schedule:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Thursdays
Our office is on Tri-Met Line 77, and the Portland Streetcar line
Visit our website at

[In the interest of waste reduction: if you really need to print out this
message or any attachments, please print double-sided or on used paper. Make
it fit on fewer pages by editing out unwanted parts first. Thanks!]

To post to the greenyes list,
email to:

Subscription information for
this list is available here:

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