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Re: [GreenYes] Junk mail envelopes & Staples
Thanks, Pablo, for the information re: window envelopes, staples, labels
and soft non-soluble glue.  I've been removing staples, but it occurred to
me that perhaps it might not be necessary.  And I've also been removing
any stick-on plastic-coated labels or that soft glue from the paper I
recycle--bizarre stuff, that; almost like silly putty.

Best regards,
Edna Glenn
Seattle, WA USA

> Pablo C. wrote: ...sand and glass shards are a much bigger problem
> because they are harder to screen out than a staple.  Another
> contaminant in junk mail is soft non-soluble glue - the type they use to
> stick credit cards onto pieces of paper, or the return address labels
> you get from charities.  Once the glue gets into the system it can be
> hard to get out.

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