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Re: [GreenYes] junk mail, +acceptable paper
I agree that to San Mateo's No more junk mail webpage suggested by Ilana  is
pretty good: .
Santa Cruz County's No More Junk Mail Guide, which can be viewed at , adds more details,
including the last-resort US Post Office Prohibitory Order.  As Edna said,
"Vigilance is required if one wishes to keep junk mail to a minimum."  To
which I would add, "perseverance."  Yes, you, too, can reduce your mail to
the point that some days you feel ignored and forgotten by you postal

Regarding what's acceptable in curbside paper collection,  I don't know of
any programs that expect to collect anything higher quality than a mixed
paper grade.  If they accept envelopes, they can deal with windows and
sticky labels.  And staples are OK even in high grade white office paper

Tommy wrote:
>... My question is whether it's worth the effort to remove the little
>window?  The little newsletter we receive quarterly in the mail regarding
>what we can and can not recycle says we can recycle envelopes.  What does
>that mean regarding the window? ...

Edna wrote:
>P.S.  I do not know the efficacy of removing the window from window
>envelopes before recycling them.  I do know that some window envelopes use
>a window material that is biodegradable--I use window envelopes with the
>highest post-consumer recycled content and a recyclable window at work,
>for instance.  The window area has a matte finish--looks similar to
>unwaxed waxed-paper.  As for myself, I wonder about staples in paper:  Is
>it better to remove them before recycling, curbside?

"The evil of the means is certain; the good of the ends is uncertain."
                 -Howard Zinn, on War, speaking in Santa Cruz 11/14/01
Jeffrey Smedberg, Recycling Programs Coordinator
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