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Re: [GreenYes] Fw: Plastics contamination and labeling: No. 7, No. 1 or No. 2?
The plastic beer bottles posed this same problem, which prompted the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection to notify Miller Brewing that under WI law their plastic beer bottles should be labeled "7" rather than "1". I don't think anything ever came from this but you could check with the agency in Wisconsin -- below is a link to the agency's 1999 letter to Miller as posted on the GRRN web site.

At 09:47 AM 2/27/2002 -0500, Bill Sheehan wrote:
Please respond to Fritz:
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Hi - Owens Illinois, who manufactures multi-layered
plastic bottles (ketchup and beer, among others) is
trying to change Kentucky law.  Kentucky currently
requires a multi-resin to be classified as 7 (Other). 
They want to have these classified as a 1 or 2, even
though the bottle may have either cups, labels or
layers resins of more than one type.

Have you come across this issue?  I am concerned
that the material may contaminate the waste stream,
causing purchasers to reject the plastics and in turn
cause communities to stop collecting #1 plastics.


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