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Re: [GreenYes] Composting at Apartment Complexes and Sink Disposals
On 26 Feb 2002 at 12:16, Stephan Pollard wrote:> I'm wondering if anyone can direct 
me to research and discussion on
> composting at apartment complexes.  Also, what's the word on the
> costs-benefits of food waste disposal through the use of sink
> disposals (ultimately waste water treatment plants) versus composting?

Hi there, Stephan...

Strangely enough, I had this discussion (sink disposal vs composting) with a close life 
long friend from the US recently, who cam to visit after some time..

for me, the issue is not difficult:

by composting, we are re-using the nutrients, and diverting the waste; 

the sink disposal of course does not do that, but also creates problems for the 
purification of the water "downstrem" in the process, with the rotting material reducing 
the oxygen levels in the water, whether the water will be re-used or not...

hope that helps!

kind regards
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