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[GreenYes] Tire Management Hierarchy
I had tried to send Neil Tangri this information 
while I was in Europe last week, but it didn't get 
through at that point. The interchange among Neil, 
Bill Sheehan and Doug Koplow motivated the following 

I did some work on life cycle data on used tire 
management methods for Portland Metro and Seattle 
Public Utilities last year and published my results 
in the July/Aug 2001 issue of The Monthly 
UnEconomist available for no charge at The title of the article 
is "Review of Available Data on Lifecycle Impacts of 
Tire Diversion, Calculation of Multipliers for 
Sequences of Diversion Options, & Proposed Tire 
Management Hierarchy.  

The proposed hierarchy is: Reuse, Retread, Crumb 
rubber substitutes for virgin rubber, 
stamped/punched substitutes for virgin rubber, 
Energy recover or civil engineering uses, 
Alternative daily cover, landfilling.  

As you can see by this hierarchy the research data 
on lifecycle environmental impacts is much less 
supportive of energy recovery in cement kilns and/or 
industrial boilers than Doug Koplow's posting to 
Greenyes suggests. 

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Morris

Dr. Jeffrey Morris
Sound Resource Management - Bellingham Office
112 Ohio Street, Suite 202
Bellingham, WA 98225

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