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Re: [GreenYes] junk mail
Hello, Tom.  Reducing the amount of junk mail received in my view is a
very sound personal waste-reduction strategy.  I have had good results by
contacting the resources listed in earlier posts by Ben R. and Ilana G.;
in particular concerning unsolicited credit card junk mail, I seem to
recall that the 1-888-5 OPT OUT number [listed in Ilana's website], was
specifically pertinent to this, and since calling I have had zero credit
card solicitations.  I also called my credit card company [FirstUSA] and
my mortgage company [Bank of America] and requested that they not
distribute my name or any other personal information.  It seems to be

Vigilance is required if one wishes to keep junk mail to a minimum.  My
inevitable bouts of modest consumerism seem to increase what comes into my
mailbox.  As you mention, I do avail myself of every opportunity to opt
out from being added to marketing lists, but I find that after I make a
mail order purchase via the internet, I will inevitably be put back onto
that company's mailing list.  When I get my first catalog I call their
customer service number as soon as possible thereafter and request that
they remove my name from their catalog mailing list.  In general, it

P.S.  I do not know the efficacy of removing the window from window
envelopes before recycling them.  I do know that some window envelopes use
a window material that is biodegradable--I use window envelopes with the
highest post-consumer recycled content and a recyclable window at work,
for instance.  The window area has a matte finish--looks similar to
unwaxed waxed-paper.  As for myself, I wonder about staples in paper:  Is
it better to remove them before recycling, curbside?

Best regards,
Edna Glenn
Seattle, WA USA

> Ilana G. wrote: We have a lot of information about stopping the flow of
> junk mail, available on our website. Here is the location:
> Note: The bottom half
> of this webpage has several addresses and phone numbers to contact to
> stop junk mail.

> Tom T. wrote: I try and inform all places that I do business with or
> donate money to to not rent or sell my name.  But I constantly get
> junkmail from credit card companies.  For awhile I sent requests to
> remove my name from their list.  Apparently they haven't.  Is there
> anything I can do?

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