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Re: Query on Composting at Apartment Complexes
In Orange Co. NC we have tried unsuccessfully to get some complexes interested in on-site composting in the US. A few residents have worm bins. 

There apparently has been more success in Austria (more homogeneous population?) where residents actually not only put their waste in the compost bin, sans citrus peels and animal products I think I recall) but cover their waste w/ a layer of sawdust or some other cover left conveniently adjoining the bin.

Our local water & sewer authority opposes use of the disposall saying that even fruit & veg waste contribute to the big build up in their pipes that cause problems. THey are therefore trying to discourage disposalls! In our system the sewage is well digested then spread on local farmland. we are a nonindustrial community w/ below detectable limits of metals except copper and farmers are very eager for the 'free' fertilizer, nonetheless, the local sludge is not spread on farmlands in its same watershed!

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