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[GreenYes] Tires
Although this may not be the best solution, one way to solve the issue
is baling tires. Here in New Mexico, this has become the preferred
disposal method for scrap tires. The concept is that you remove all air
cavities, and thus limit the accumulation of water. There are several
outfits that sell mobile dedicated tire balers, although I would think
any commercially available downstroke would do the trick. The end use of
the bales is nearly limitless. Common applications have been erosion
control and bank stabilization. If you are familiar with gabbion baskets
(chain link baskets filled with rock), tire bales are a great
substitute. They can also also be used as fill, and with no trapped air,
the fire danger is significantly reduced.
You might also look into tire cutters. Here the tire is split in two,
along the tread, and can be buried at a conventional landfill without
the floataion concern.
In both cases, you do not solve environmental problems, but with baling,
at least you can resolve issues related to mosquitoes and end up with at
least a semi-stable method of storage.
Justin Stockdale
Santa Fe County NM

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