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Re: [GreenYes] Tierney on Recycling
In the Mayor's recent budget address, he cited the dramatic difference in
pricing as the very reason why he is proposing to suspend the
metal/glass/plastic (MGP) program and retain the paper recycling program:

Cost of collecting and recycling mixed paper:  $90/ton
Cost of collecting and landfilling trash:  $130/ton
Cost of collecting and recycling MGP:  $200+/ton

By suspending the MGP program for 18 mos, the mayor anticipates we can save
$56 million.

He also cited a very high residue rate (40%) for MGP as further evidence
that the current program isn't working well.

The crux of the debate is this:  given New York's projected budget shortfall
next year ($4 billion?), should the City maintain a program that is not cost
effective (and will likely not be cost effective in the near term)?

Many of us are doing our best to point out ways to salvage/improve the
program, but it will be a tough sell given that libraries, programs for
homeless, etc. are also being wacked.

Steve Hammer

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> Can we educate John Tierney on recycling?  Nah.  Can we muzzle Tierney's
> anti-recycling diatribes?  Nah--freedom of the press and all that.  Can we
> counter Tierney's arguments?  Sure we can and not with stale sayings like
> "more people recycle than vote" because more people do most everything
> than vote (that's why we have the politicians that we have).  Instead, the
> environmental community should call for a suspension of the expensive
> practice of landfilling.  How much does landfilling cost New Yorkers?  Is
> more expensive than recycling?  Do we moan about transportation costs and
> storage costs and labor costs associated with the laborous act of throwing
> away and storing throwaways before the trash man comes and takes the
> away to live with Jesus?  If not, we should!
> I'm reasonably sure that most knowledgeable New Yorkers will read John
> Tierney's opinion piece and shrug.  Those who would stop recycling because
> what Tierney writes probably don't read newspapers anyway.  The best way
> counter what Mr. Tierney has to say is to find out what the City of New
> pays to landfill vs. what it pays to recycle.  I'm sure the Mayor's office
> has these figures handy.  Bet me landfilling costs dwarf those of
> John Waddell
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