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[GreenYes] Re: [e_takeback] TakeBack Campaign letter to Staples
Guys---nice letter to Staples. Neil

David Wood wrote:
> February 15, 2002
> Via E-mail
> Ms. Sharyn Frankel
> Staples, Inc.
> Dear Ms. Frankel:
>         On behalf of the national Computer TakeBack Campaign, we are
> writing about Staplesí planned used computer collection events
> scheduled for this holiday weekend, February 17 and 18. While we
> applaud the apparent intent to address the growing piles of electronic
> waste, we call on you to address some potential concerns that may have
> serious repercussions for Staples. We ask that you respond to our
> concerns with full disclosure or take immediate corrective action to
> ensure these events are held to appropriately high environmental
> standards.
>         Typically, used computer collection events claim that the
> collected equipment will be processed or recycled in an
> environmentally responsible manner, as Staplesí recent press release
> so claims. However, as we have learned  and obtain more evidence of
> every day  the materials collected from some of these events are not
> properly recycled and may even be exported to foreign countries for
> manual disassembly under horrific conditions with no environmental
> safeguards.
>         Consumers are glad for the collection service and fully
> anticipate that their participation will help avoid environmental
> problems. Therefore, we ask that you provide us with the name of the
> firm or firms which have been retained to recycle or dispose of the
> equipment that is not suitable for re-use, to outline the
> environmental safeguards your contractors will employ, including
> disposal methods, and to ensure that no collected materials will be
> shipped overseas for processing under substandard conditions.
>         Further, we ask that you provide all consumers participating
> in this program the same information and assurances. Only in this way
> can the public be guaranteed that their effort to remedy the problem
> of electronic waste is carried through in an environmentally superior
> manner.
>         Your attention to this matter and prompt response are greatly
> appreciated.
> Very truly yours,
> David Wood              Ted Smith               Michael Bender
> GRRN                    SVTC                    Mercury Policy Project
> 608-270-0940            408-287-6707            802-223-9000
> David Wood, Program Director
> GrassRoots Recycling Network
> 5610 Dorsett Drive
> Madison  WI  53711-3402
> 608-270-0940
> 608-347-7043 (cell)
> ---------------
> If you are not for Zero Waste, how much waste are you for?

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