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[GreenYes] Consumer pressure brings plastics industry change
AMELIA ISLAND, FLA. (Jan. 30, 3 p.m. EST) --
Encouraged by a swing in customer attitudes toward
reused materials, container maker Amcor Twinpak-
North America Inc. plans to start recycling PET bottle
resin at an on-site facility by year´s end.

The company’s Amcor PET Packaging unit, based in
Mississauga, Ontario, will install the bottle-to-bottle
recycling system at its new research and development
center, said Nina Goodrich, general manager for PET
technologies with Amcor Twinpak. The center is near

The company has received a letter of no objection
from the Food and Drug Administration for products
made using the system.

Several other large PET container companies are
going after a similar recycling market. They include
Schmalbach-Lubeca AG and Plastipak Packaging
Inc. Ratzingen, Germany-based Schmalbach said in
September that it has developed a new bottle-to-
bottle process that can recycle PET at an affordable

The initiatives by blow molders partly stem from a
recent announcement by Coca-Cola Co. that it
would add recycled content to its soft drink bottles
and by similar moves expected from other bottling

From Plastics News, January 30, 2002

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