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[GreenYes] Great things happening in NYC

Great things are happening in NYC.  Today, the brand spanking new City 
Council Sanitation committee held its first hearing.  (Heretofore, all 
solid waste issues were covered (when they had the time) by one 
environmental protection committee; now solid waste issues get this 
committee's full focus.)  The first people they called up to testify were 
the 5 of us from the NYC Waste Prevention Coalition.  The chair and the new 
Councilmembers seem to be all for waste prevention and other things we've 
long wanted for a long time.  They already had introduced their first 
bill... agency environmental procurement and waste prevention practices -- 
the same bill that died, for the second time, as Mayor Giuliani and the old 
City Council left office.

More about the NYC Waste Prevention Coalition and our testimony from this 
hearing can be seen on the website:

We also gave them and urged them to pass GRRN's model Zero Waste bill.

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City 
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