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[GreenYes] U.S. Experts Taking Zero Waste Message to Europe
February 5, 2002


(San Diego, Calif.)   When Canberra, Australia launched its 
'No Waste by 2010' program in 1995, many saw this as a 
pie-in-the sky approach to handling discarded resources 
and reducing waste at source.  Since then, however, Zero 
Waste has been endorsed by almost half of all municipal 
authorities in New Zealand and by several jurisdictions in 
the Canada and the U.S.A., including the state waste 
agency in California. Now more officials and activists are 
taking the Zero Waste concept seriously. 

This February a team of American experts will be taking 
the message to Europe and leading workshops in 
Switzerland and the U.K.  First stop will be the 6th World 
Congress on Integrated Resources Management 
(, February 12 - 15, 2002 in Geneva, 
Switzerland, where the group will present papers and host a 
workshop on Zero Waste Initiatives.  The Congress is co-
sponsored by United Nations Environmental Program.  

The speakers will then travel to Sussex, England to present 
a conference and workshop on February 16 and 17, entitled 
Zero Waste Theory and Practice. The sessions were 
organized by Zero Waste U.K., a grassroots activist 
organization seeking comprehensive alternatives to 

Papers will be presented by eight American professors and 
practitioners in the area resource conservation and recovery:
  *  Dr. Paul Connett, chemist and professor, St. 
Lawrence University (Canton NY) 
  *  Dr. Dan Knapp, sociologist and president, Urban 
Ore, Inc. (Berkeley CA) 
  *  Dr. Jeff Morris, economist and principal, Sound 
Resource Management Group (Seattle WA) 
  *  Dr. Bill Sheehan, ecologist and executive director, 
GrassRoots Recycling Network (Athens GA) 
  *  Richard Anthony, professional program manager, 
Richard Anthony Associates (San Diego CA) 
  *  Joan Edwards, former recycling director for New York 
City and Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach CA)   
  *  Bill Worrell, engineer and manager, San Luis 
Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority 
(San Luis Obispo, CA) 
  *  A paper will be presented on behalf of Dr. Neil Seldman, 
president, Institute for Local Self Reliance (Washington DC) 

The trip is sponsored by the Grassroots Recycling Network 
(, a North American network of waste 
reduction activists and professionals dedicated to zero 
waste, creating jobs from discards, ending corporate 
welfare for wasting, and advancing producer responsibility.  

For more information contact Richard Anthony, 858 272-2905 

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