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Re: [GreenYes] Landfills, dumps andlanguage nuances
Mary Appelhof wrote:
> RE: Gretchen Brewer's comment:
>   . . . I've also noticed that the Brits (& maybe the Aussies) call a
> trash can or garbage can used indoors a "dust bin" or "rubbish bin".
> I don't know what word they use for a recycling receptacle, but it's
> not dust bin or rubbish bin.. . .

same here in South Africa (rubbish bib, dirt bin, dustbin)- we still
tend to think that BBC English is "real" English, and American English a

> When I was in England back in '84 I had discussions with some
> gardening writers who suggested that for my book, "Worms Eat My
> Garbage" to be truly acceptable to the the British, it would need to
> be translated from American to English. When I asked for an example
> of a term that they would not use, they said "Garbage, for one. We
> don't use that word." I asked, "What do you use, then?" "Rubbish." I
> then asked, "So what is "garbage" to you?"  They replied, "It's
> American for rubbish."

I relate - like you call roads pavement, we call sidewalks pavement!!
> Somehow "Worms Eat My Rubbish" didn't have the same ring that "Worms
> Eat My Garbage" did, so I never pursued it further.

*laughs* how about "Worms: Eat My Waste!" *grin*


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