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Re: [GreenYes] Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs
    Mecery in flourescants is still a state by state issue as of now EPA does not see it as a huge problem.  But there are several companies around ths States that do collect the long tubes and the small straight single tubes but not the subcompact models.  You buy a pre paid postage cardboard container that holds 80 tubes (unbroken) for around $55 and send it to them when its full.  They also will take the used ballast in their 5 gallon plastic pails.  All shipped UPS.
     The subcompacts do need to be address.  I am personally am holding on to the ones that burn out and am taking them apart to see it I can not refurbish the electronic ballast with new replaceable 7,13,18 watt tubes.   The thought is the tubes burn out long before the electronics do so why throwout good stuff when I can make my own fixtures with the refurbish electronics.

Bruce Arkwright,Jr
Erie's Efficiency & Solar Society

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