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[GreenYes] NSDA Critique of MSRP Report
Wayne Turner wrote:
"I heard that the NSDA has written a critique of BEAR's Beverage Container Value Chain Assessment Report.  Does anyone know where the critique can be reviewed or its contents?"
Ed Boisson responds...
The NSDA did commission a critique of the report and subsequently distributed a strongly worded press statement.  The MSRP Report is available on the web, along with a collection of articles about the project, at  The NSDA's critique and press release is not posted there.  Folks can contact me or others involved in the project for a copy.  Following is a statement BEAR issued explaining how we're responding. Stay tuned - I'll post a more thorough update when it's appropriate.
Statement by Pierre Ferrari, Chair, Businesses and Environmentalists Allied for Recycling

On January 16, 2002 the final report for the Multi-Stakeholder Recovery Project, Stage One was publicly released, entitled "Understanding Beverage Container Recycling." Among other findings, the report compares the costs and effectiveness of alternative beverage container recovery programs. The National Soft Drink Association has issued a press release criticizing certain aspects of the report, especially cost estimates related to the California Redemption System, citing an analysis prepared by Northbridge Environmental Management Consultants.

In keeping with its dedication to a collaborative, principled approach to beverage container recycling policy, Businesses and Environmentalists Allied for Recycling (BEAR) will carefully review the NSDA critique and supporting research. We will discuss the report with Northbridge Environmental Management Consulting and develop an analysis based on complete transparency and thoroughness.

To ensure objectivity, the Multi-Stakeholder Recovery Project report was prepared by four consulting companies that have previously represented all sides of the issue, including RW Beck, Tellus Institute, Franklin Associates, and Sound Resource Management. With respect to the specific criticism of the California program costs, the consulting team has agreed to these numbers and discussed the data extensively with the California Department of Conservation. In addition, the MSRP Task Force and Advisory Committee, representing all participants in the value chain, participated in the development of the report.

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