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Re: [GreenYes] Landfills vs. dumps
Interesting topic, Wayne, thanks.  I've put out a request to some Dutch
friends to translate 'landfill' and whatever Dutch children call such

Am at work today, so have only my abbreviated foreign dictionaries
[a perpetual student of these and any other languages--the 'Oxford
English' reference equivalents are at home], but:

Russian - no entry for 'landfill'; for 'dump' the word
  'svalka'...'scrap-heap','rubbish-heap'--from a verb
  [svalivat';svalit'] meaning, 'to throw down; or,'to pile up';

French -  no entry for 'landfill'; for 'dump' the word
  'decharge' [first 'e' accent aigu], with their example
  'decharge interdite' ['no dumping']

I would be interested to know whether in French or Russian the 'landfill'
euphemism exists as well.

Best regards,
Seattle, WA

> Wayne T. wrote: ...It makes me to wonder how the word landfill directly
> translates into other languages.  It would be interesting to know what
> other cultures and nationalities call the place where their crud goes.
> Anyone want to post the words to allow some cross-cultural
> enlightenment?  Better yet, what words do the children from other
> cultures call the 'dump'?  Post the words.

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