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Re: [GreenYes] Nostalgia for Simpler Times
I hope someone will reply to this misguided soul.

At 02:21 PM 01/27/2002 -0600, Peter Anderson wrote:
>According to the January 2002 issue of Governing Magazine ("ENVIRONMENT
>"Years ago, we paid a young man about $20 a month to pick up used
>newspapers, bottles, cans and plastic from our sidewalk. He drove by
>every two weeks and hauled the stuff off in a battered pickup and
>homemade trailer. He was forced out of business when the city got
>around to starting its own curbside recycling service.
> The municipal program reached more homes than a one-man grassroots
>operation, so that probably counts as progress. But he took glass and
>other materials that the city didn't collect. What's more, he seemed a
>lot more committed to making recycling work than the public servants
>who raced big trucks down the block first thing in the morning--
>sometimes before we could get bags out to curbside.
> Since then, I've had my doubts about whether municipally run
>recycling programs do much to improve the environment. And now that
>recycling has run into hard times, the entrepreneurial spirit of its
>early pioneers is sorely missed..."
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