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[GreenYes] Nostalgia for Simpler Times
According to the January 2002 issue of Governing Magazine ("ENVIRONMENT

"Years ago, we paid a young man about $20 a month to pick up used
newspapers, bottles, cans and plastic from our sidewalk. He drove by
every two weeks and hauled the stuff off in a battered pickup and
homemade trailer. He was forced out of business when the city got
around to starting its own curbside recycling service.
 The municipal program reached more homes than a one-man grassroots
operation, so that probably counts as progress. But he took glass and
other materials that the city didn't collect. What's more, he seemed a
lot more committed to making recycling work than the public servants
who raced big trucks down the block first thing in the morning--
sometimes before we could get bags out to curbside.
 Since then, I've had my doubts about whether municipally run
recycling programs do much to improve the environment. And now that
recycling has run into hard times, the entrepreneurial spirit of its
early pioneers is sorely missed..."

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