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RE: [GreenYes] recycled content roofing

Can't tell you which manufacturers do or don't use recycled-content in
asphalt shingles. I can tell you CertainTeed does and that it is a pretty
common practice up here in the Upper Midwest.

The Green Building Council would probably have some good information on

There are a lot of considerations when choosing a roof - weather being a
significant one. I know that up here in MN there is a move towards rubber
(made of old tires) roofing tiles that look like slate. They don't' break or
crack in the temperature extremes or during hail and the insurance companies
love them (lower replacement costs). I don't remember the name of the firm
that was making them but Wayne Gjerde at the MN OEA 651.296.3417 would.

Hope this helps.


Chris Cloutier
e4 partners, inc.
2801 21st Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
612.278.7141 (f)

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Sent: Friday, January 25, 2002 3:51 PM
Subject: [GreenYes] recycled content roofing


I'm getting ready to reroof my "new" house and wondered if anyone has any
suggestions for recycled-content roofing material?  The house is in San
Diego.  I have heard that most if not all asphalt shingles now have
recycled-content.  Is this true?  The Home Depot here carries GAF brand
shingles but when I called GAF the woman who answered ASSURED me that their
products does not contain recycled-content (not sure she knew what she was
talking about).

Also, I've seen on the CIWMB web page a list of other recycled-content
roofing materials.  No comparison data, however, or information on safety,
lifespan, ease of installation, etc.  Has anyone heard anything about the
plastic roofing material that looks like shakes?  By Re-New Wood, Inc in OK?
Ease of installation of these or metal roofing material?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!  Unfortunately, due to
insurance issues, I'll need to purchase the material in the next few days!

Jennifer Ott, Recycling Specialist
City of San Diego

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