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RE: [GreenYes] President Bush and the USA
I have been reading this thread with particular interest, and I appreciate
all of the views put forth.

It has occurred to me personally, in perhaps the last two to three years
only, that while ridicule of our political leaders can often certainly be
justified, it simply is not conducive to positive change.  In my view it
is exhausting rather than invigorating to participate in it.  I'd rather
put my energies towards something that can offer a constructive solution.

Also, in my view political verbal caricature, often clever/humorous but
also often entirely predictable/banal, reinforces the impression,
'teaches' us, that those of us not holding political office are powerless.
We are not powerless; and there are enough instances of grassroots
change-making to endorse this assumption.

Best regards,
Edna Glenn

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