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RE: [GreenYes] looking for paper info
Mike, I'm going to give you a link, but I think I must provide a disclaimer as well.  I'm not a member, I haven't even read these flyers, can't vouch for content or industry bias, I don't know their rules on editing, etc.etc.  I just remembered that af&pa had some educational materials and found the page.  OK, I think I'm safe now. <grin>
Good luck!
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From: Mike Morrow []
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 9:43 AM
To: greenyes
Subject: [GreenYes] looking for paper info

Our District is starting a push to recover more waste paper from our region.  Paper is easy to identify, is the largest fraction of the waste stream and has good market prospects. 
We've prepared a "Recycle Your Paper" poster which will be distributed to all our schools and businesses that need education material for diversion programs.  I'd like to enclose a couple of pamphlets with the posters, so here's what I need.
Pamphlet 1, "What Is Paper?"  Everyone thinks they know but they don't.  The paper industry is the 3rd largest energy user in the US.  The US has the largest paper industry in the world.  Demand for fiber will increase steadily as the world economy strives to catch up with the US. 
So, what is paper?  How's it made? Are there different types? How do they differ? How much paper do I waste?  How big a tree is that?  How much of that tree is wasted before I get it?  What is my impact on the world? 
Pamphlet 2, "Paper Recycling the Easy Way."  The District collects commingled paper which will be sorted later at a MRF.  The MRF is currently sorting to, and baling OCC, White Paper, Boxboard and #8 News.  This pamphlet will reflect the local collection practices.
I need a pamphlet #1.  I've tried to find info on the net but it's very diffuse.  I'm trying to cut out a lot of library research and face time with a PC if I can. 
Both these pamphlets must be short and easy for most people to understand.  Teachers must be able to inform and educate their students about the basic technology and impacts that result from their use. 
Any ideas? 
Mike Morrow, E. D.
Lamoille Waste Management District
Morrisville, VT

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