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Re: [GreenYes] non-petroleum based plastics
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> The greatest absurdity in allowing the widespread sowing of GMOs is that
> they have received no such scrutiny. GMO safety research budgets are about
> 1% of total spending. Virtually no long-term testing has been done on any
> GMOs. And if the regulatory agencies have seen any of the so-called
> long-term testing, it has not been made public. Contrary to the claims of
> Industry--that the biotech industry is the most regulated industry in
> history, it is quite the opposite; the least regulated.

for those of you who may have missed it - GM characteristics were found
in the traditional home of many corn types (maize) in Latin America
recently - and if memory serves me correctly, the nearest GE crop was
hundreds, if not thousands of miles away...

frightening? absolutely....predicted by activists? absolutely! response
from the GMO industry - It cannot happen!!


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