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Re: [GreenYes] Fw: [Gaia-members] Safe Disposal of Condoms
One suggestion I can make is for the manufacturer to either post a notice on
various North American materials exchanges or to review their "materials
wanted" listings and contact appropriate companies.  This, I believe, would
be an appropriate use of the materials exchange network.  Good master lists
of materials exchanges can be found on the following websites:

Southern Waste Information Exchange
Select the "Materials Exchanges" link at the bottom of the left navigation

Jobs Through Recycling - Materials and Waste Exchanges

Another suggestion is to directly contact plastic scrap markets.
Resource Recycling publishes a annual directory of North American based
plastic scrap markets.

Roger M. Guttentag

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Subject: [GreenYes] Fw: [Gaia-members] Safe Disposal of Condoms

> Here's a Puzzler for you clever folk.  It comes from India and was posted
> the
> GAIA list:
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> Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2001 2:48 PM
> Subject:  Urgent! Safe Disposal of Condoms
> Dear All,   A little while ago we got a call from a large  Condoms
> manufacturer. They said that due to some fault in manufacturing they
> dispose one lot of Condoms. In addition they also have some date expired
> condoms which need to be disposed safely. In one of our earlier meetings
> with  them we had commended to them in such a case, incineration or open
> burning can  be very hazardous and should not to resorted to no matter how
> small the quantity  is. The quantity to be disposed at this instance is
> 10,86,000 condoms ( 1.86  million). All the condoms are in metallised
> polyester packaging as is the case  of most condoms in India.   We have
> recommended shredding but need expert  opinion. Are there any cases of
> recycling? Can metalised polyseter be  recycled and if so how? Before
> shredding should the packaging be removed. What  kind of safety protocol
> needs to be followed by workers at a waste treatment  site? Condoms also
> have silicon, so what's the best option. In the meanwhile we  have also
> contacted the Common Waste Treatment Facilty Operator on what he would
> I'd appreciate, some answers As Soon As  Possible.   Regards, Jyotsna
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