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[GreenYes] Fw: [Gaia-members] Safe Disposal of Condoms
Here's a Puzzler for you clever folk.  It comes from India and was posted on
GAIA list:

----- Original Message -----  From: JCA
To: ;
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2001 2:48 PM
Subject:  Urgent! Safe Disposal of Condoms

Dear All,   A little while ago we got a call from a large  Condoms
manufacturer. They said that due to some fault in manufacturing they  needto
dispose one lot of Condoms. In addition they also have some date expired
condoms which need to be disposed safely. In one of our earlier meetings
with  them we had commended to them in such a case, incineration or open
burning can  be very hazardous and should not to resorted to no matter how
small the quantity  is. The quantity to be disposed at this instance is
10,86,000 condoms ( 1.86  million). All the condoms are in metallised
polyester packaging as is the case  of most condoms in India.   We have
recommended shredding but need expert  opinion. Are there any cases of Latex
recycling? Can metalised polyseter be  recycled and if so how? Before
shredding should the packaging be removed. What  kind of safety protocol
needs to be followed by workers at a waste treatment  site? Condoms also
have silicon, so what's the best option. In the meanwhile we  have also
contacted the Common Waste Treatment Facilty Operator on what he would  do.
I'd appreciate, some answers As Soon As  Possible.   Regards, Jyotsna

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