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[GreenYes] Fwd: 10 Worst Corps of 2001

>From: Charlie Cray <>
>Cc: Empowering Democracy <>
>Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 11:14:23 -0500
>For immediate release:  For more information, contact:
>December 31, 2001  Robert Weissman, 202-387-8030
>Abbott Laboratories, Argenbright, Bayer, Coke, Enron, Exxon Mobil,
>Philip Morris, Sara lee, Southern Co. and Wal-Mart have been named the
>10 worst corporations of 2001, in Multinational Monitor magazine's
>annual listing.
>"These behemoths have ripped off the public, polluted the environment,
>abused their workers and debased our culture," said Robert Weissman,
>editor of Multinational Monitor. "They appear in our lives everyday,
>disguised as 'respectable members of the community.' They deserve public
>opprobrium, and, in many cases, government sanction."
>Multinational  Monitor is a Washington, D.C.-based monthly  magazine
>that tracks the activities of multinational corporations. It was founded
>by Ralph Nader.
>Abbott Laboratories made the 10 worst list for its TAP Pharmaceuticals,
>a joint venture with Japanese Takeda Pharmaceuticals. TAP was forced to
>pay $875 million to resolve criminal charges and civil liability in
>connection with allegations of major Medicare reimbursement fraud.
>Argenbright, the security company, was named to the list for repeat
>violations of regulations for airport security. Argenbright's appalling
>record helped convince Congress to federalize U.S. airport security
>Bayer appears on the list for its overcharge of the government and
>public for the anti-anthrax drug Cipro, as well as dangerous peddling of
>antibiotics for poultry (contributing to antibiotic resistance among
>humans) and its harassment of a corporate accountability group.
>Coca Cola was named among the 10 worst for its sponsorship of the first
>Harry Potter movie and possible sequels, using a children's favorite to
>hawks its unhealthy product, and for alleged complicity with death
>squads in Colombia targeting union leaders there.
>Enron made the 10 worst list for costing many of its employees their
>life savings by refusing to let them dump Enron stock from their pension
>plans, as the company plunged toward bankruptcy.
>ExxonMobil earned a spot on the list for leading the global warming
>denial campaign and blocking efforts at appropriate remedial action,
>plus a host of other reckless activities.
>Philip Morris asserted its claim to be among the 10 worst by virtue of a
>"we've changed" marketing campaign --revealed to be a hoax by a Czech
>study it commissioned alleging the cost savings from smoking-related
>premature death, as well as the company's ongoing efforts to addict
>millions of new smokers.
>Sara Lee was named to the list because of a scandal involving its Ball
>Park Franks hot dogs. Contaminated hot dogs due to company negligence
>killed 21.
>Southern Co., the largest electric utility in the United States, grabbed
>a place on the list for its efforts to defeat sensible air pollution
>Wal-Mart secured its place among the 10 worst by mistreating workers
>domestically and abroad, and by contributing to the sprawl that blights
>the U.S. landscape.
>Corporations on Multinational Monitor's 10 worst list appear
>alphabetically, and are not ranked internally.
>For a complete copy of Multinational Monitor's article naming the 10
>worst corporations of 2001, see

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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