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RE: [GreenYes] Are compostable plastics good?

This makes sense and I have seen this before, but I was asking for exampes
of or references to mass balance information that would substaintiate the


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From: Muna Lakhani []
Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 2:50 AM
To: J Spear Associates, LLC
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Are compostable plastics good?

J Spear Associates, LLC wrote:
> I have seen this statement about biomass a couple of times now and wonder
> what reference is used to substantiate it.  Could y'all help me?

quite simple, actually - plants use up CO2 when they grow, and then
liberate it when they are, for example, burnt for fuel - neutral...
when one uses fossil fuel, you are "liberating" CO2 that has been stored
for millions of years, which do not fit into the current CO2 balance

> so from a CO2 point of view, for example, it would be neutral - as all
> biomass is...
> Muna

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