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Re: [GreenYes] Plastics and PRACTICAL Recycling
Brown, Rebecca wrote:
> Happy Holidays!!
> More questions!  Where do non-petroleum based plastics fit into all of
> this? Do they create the same environmental problems?  Can they be
> used to make the same kinds of petroleum-based products? Can one make
> HDPE from a non-petroleum based source?   I'm assuming it is more than
> the petroleum-based component of the polymers that causes problems-is
> that a correct assumption? If they can safely be used to replace
> petroleum-based plastics, are they?  If not, why not?  And so on.....

There are many practical alternatives - Germany have been producing, for
many years, a starch based "plastic" that looks, feels and works exactly
like the plastics we all know and love *grin* best part? they are

there is also good work going on in plant fibre based packaging, for
example, and the little I know about it is very exciting!!


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