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Re: [GreenYes] recycling plastic number 5's and 6's. -Why make it at all?
Michele Raymond wrote:
> The waste stream would be 4 times heavier without plastic.
Not if we lived in a zero waste economy, which South Africa recently
committed to by the 2020's (The Polokwane Declaration)! but would that
also not possibly mean that there would be 4 times more resources to
recycle / reuse in the interim? What if all plastic bottles were
replaced with glass with a deposit? with that still hold true?

this has nothing to do with being Luddite (although there is nothing
wrong with that!) it is simply agreeing that somethings don't work, and
should cease production - why is that so difficult for plastics
apologists to see?

> The problem is not so much
> the product but the poor management of a complex issue.

whichever way you slice it, plastics could never become part of a truly
sustainable society - as it relies on a non-renewable resource, it fails
the test at the first hurdle...


> The guys at the top of the chemical companies are pretty insulated, and
> don't really understand today's trends.

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