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Re: [GreenYes] Producer Responsibility & Consumer Costs wrote:
> The next question:  If Producers are made to include the true costs of the
> lifecycle of their products--cradle to grave--and if these producers pass on
> these costs to consumers--which they will--then--will we see a corresponding
> LOWERING or ELIMINATION of the tax dollars we currently pay that subsidize
> the lifecycles of the products we consume?

in an ideal world, yes - in the world we live in? silly us - why would
most governments use less of our money? How on earth are they going to
fund star wars or smart bombs or GMO invasions of poor countries, or the
dumping of radioactive waste in Africa?

The bright spot? at least we could look forward to an improved
environmental quality, and products such as food will be less toxic...
it really is not all about money, hey?


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