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[GreenYes] Producer Responsibility & Consumer Costs
"H" made some excellent points and some not so excellent points regarding 
Producer Responsibility & Consumer Costs.  "H" states:  "Joun is 
demonstrating a habit of thought that proves the degree to which we have 
become a 'consumer society'.  John, the taxpayer is footing the bill ...not 
the consumer."  John's habit of thought is called current reality.  We are a 
consumer society.  "H" is a consumer.  We all are.  And let's be clear.  The 
only consumers who are not taxpayers in the U.S. are small infants.

That said, "H" is correct in stating that currently, the cost of 
disposal/recycling/reuse is not reflected in the price of many (99.9%) of 
consumer goods we purchase.  (Remember now, consumers are taxpayers.  
Taxpayers as a group are not living in mud huts on the edge of town.)  
Consumer/taxpayers are currently paying the cost of 
disposal/recycling/reuse--through our garbage bills and through the taxes we 
pay that go to local government to fund local waste infrastructures.

It's a given that consumer/taxpayers (remember one in the same) are 
subsidizing producers of the products we buy.  What John (that's me) wishes 
to know once again is:  What is the difference between subsizing 
disposal/recycling/reuse through our tax dollars OR paying for 
disposal/recycling/reuse up front when we purchase the product?  Will it cost 
us less to pay for these services at point of purchase?

I'd be really cool to think that producers are not going to pass on the cost 
of assuming the costs of the disposal/recycling/reuse of their products on to 
the consumer.  This won't be the case.  "H" is correct in wanting the 
producer to assume these costs like a warranty and the producer will if made 
to legislatively.  However, there's no denying that the cost be passed on to 
you, me, and all the other taxpayer/consumers in the U.S.  

I am not attacking or demeaning Producer Responsibility.  We simply need to 
realize that the consumer will be paying the costs of 
disposal/recycling/reuse one way or another.  I'd like to know which way is 
best and which way is cheapest.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc.
Refuse News
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