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[GreenYes] Interior Appointee

  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on
  Wednesday to consider the nomination of Rebecca Watson to the position
  of Assistant Secretary for Lands and Minerals Management.  This
  Interior official oversees policies at the Bureau of Land Management,
  the Minerals Management Service, and the Office of Surface Mining and
  Enforcement.  Ms. Watson previously worked for an extractive industry
  law firm that worked to weaken the same environmental standards she
  would now be responsible for upholding.  In addition, Ms. Watson
  published a paper advising mining industries on how to defeat citizen
  initiatives on mining reforms; she also worked for the industry to
  allow millions of gallons of arsenic tainted water to be released into
  Landers Fork and Blackfoot rivers, and she has been an industry
  lobbyist in Washington DC.  Ms. Watson has a long history of working to
  weaken environmental laws and public health protections. 

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