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[GreenYes] Household Batteries

Muna writes  "the simple reality is that large numbers of batteries are
even at different levels, and one wants to ideally recover them, or at
least isolatre them from the "normal" waste stream."

There are not very good or stable markets for collected materials that
many people are demanding recycling programs collect.  Isolation of some
of these items would make sense as we wait for markets and technology to
catch-up.  Having individual cells of landfills(ugly word) set aside for
these items would make future mining for these resources.

An example of this might be continue collecting plastic containers, bale
them and stack them in a dedicated landfill cell.  In 2-3 years when
technology and markets have improved then there will be a ready source of
feed stock to jump start remanufacturing.

REALITY is that ZERO waste and 100% recycling are not attainable today.
I believe that the above stated concept is in keeping with the intentions
of sustainability.

Regards and Happy Holidays to all, C. William

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"Everyday should be an Earth Day."

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