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[GreenYes] Participation and tonnage in Hazardous Household WasteCollection Events
Our County now holds a monthly collection event on Saturday from 9am to 3pm,from March - Nov. It is maxed out at 200+ participants per event. THus we plan to expand the hours next year to 8am to 4pm, and the number of events to 11 from Feb. through Dec,still closing in Jan. Several years hence, we project that we will double the number of events (or go to permanent site) The key questions to those of you who may have gone through a program expansion is:
What to expect in terms of increased tonnage. We believe that tonnage will increase initially proportional to the number of events, but not the expanded hours.

Inthe future doubling of number of events, we are not sure what to project for participation and tonnage.

Our County is about 119,000 people in about 34,000 single family and 13,000 multifamily households. thus our current participation rate is 4.9% (assuming one visit per year per participating hh) 

It's higher (5.3%) if you think of only single family hh's (we only get a few multifamily) POint being that our participation is already relativley high from what I've read of other HHW programs (around 2%?), thus experience of others would be useful here. Thank you:

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