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[GreenYes] Fwd: FW: Vermicompost field day

Michele Young from San Jose has sent me information about this 
exciting vermicompost workshop offered by University of California 
Cooperative Extension. It is Dec. 12, 2001 from 9 am to 1 pm, free, 
and open to anyone who can make it.  Please pass this to everyone on 
your list who may be interested.  and feel free to print and 
distribute as possible.


An excellent opportunity to learn from top-notch leaders
in vermicomposting will take place on Wednesday, Dec.
12 from 9-1 pm at the Bay Area Research and Extension
Center in Santa Clara, California.

Sessions and speakers include:

Alternatives in Organic Waste Handling in the City of
San Jose: Michele Young. City of San Jose

California Grey Bears In-vessel Composting : Karin
Grobe, Organic Recyclers Anonymous

In-vessel Food Composting Technologies: Yvette
DiCarlo, California Integrated Waste Management

Large Scale Vermicomposting: Mario Travalini, Organics
Division, American Resource Recovery

Medium Scale Vermicompost and effects of VC on chilii
pepper and soil: Vaishali Tamhankar, UCCE Santa Clara

Hand-on Vermicompost Harvest: Vaishali Tamhankar
and Maria de la Fuente, UCCE Santa Clara County

This field day is FREE and coffee and refreshments are
being provided by "From the Ground Up" and "Organic
Recyclers Anonymous.

For more information, contact: Sue Conde, UCCE Office
Assistant @ 408-299-2635 ext. 1002 Dr. Zak Mousli,
BAREC @ 408-296-1672

>Hope some of you can make it! If not, at least you know that good 
>things continue to happen in the vermicomposting education 

>Contact Cooperative Extension at:
>700 Empey Way, Suite 110
>San Jose CA 95128
>408 299-2635 x 1002
>408 298-5160 Fax

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