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Re: [GreenYes] ANWR vote
Wayne, Roger, Greenyes:

It appears that the ANWR drilling issue is indeed tacked onto H.R. 10, the Railroad Retirement Bill.  It looks like the pertinent amendment may be S. Amndt. 2171, "To enhance energy conservation, research and development, and to provide for security and diversity in the energy supply for the American people, and for other purposes. " Sponsor: Sen Lott, Trent- Latest Major Action: 11/29/2001 Cloture motion on Amendment SA 2171 presented in Senate.  Looking on the various legislative websites, I am unable to get full text, only tables of content.

It DOES look like this is coming up for a vote this afternoon, around 5:00 pm. The Senate's calendar shows debate on the amendment as scheduled for 5:15.   Very sneaky....

Cat Wilt

Catherine A. Wilt, Senior Research Associate
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At 11:39 AM 12/3/01 -0500, Roger Guttentag wrote:
Dear Wayne and GreenYes:

The following is a cut and paste message I received from League of
Conservation Voters on this issue

R, Guttentag
On Monday, December 3 at 5:00 p.m. EST, the Senate will vote to limit
debate on an amendment to the Railroad Retirement Bill comprised of H.R. 4
(the House-passed energy bill) and a moratorium on human cloning. LCV is
opposed to H.R. 4; it would permit drilling in the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge and curtail the nation's investment into renewable fuels,
energy efficiency and conservation. The measure would do nothing to aid
consumers, is a threat to the environment and offers false promises of
national security. LCV supports a balanced, responsible energy policy that
emphasizes newer, cleaner, smarter energy sources and technologies that
advance energy efficiency.

A cloture motion to end debate and permit consideration of the amendment
will require 60 votes to pass.

Contact Your Senators And Urge Them To Vote No On Cloture. Call the
Capitol Switchboard at 202-225-3121 ot visit the LCV Action Center at to send an e-mail.

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Subject: [GreenYes] ANWR vote

> Listening to NPR this morning, I thought I heard that SB 389 (ANWR oil
exploration bill) was coming up for a vote this week.  I couldn't find
anything on it on the US Senate website.  Has anyone else heard this?  It's
my understanding that the supporters don't have the votes?  Anyone heard
anything different?
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