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[GreenYes] Indiana MRF article
Dear brave and sturdy colleagues:

I was happy to see Eric Lombardi's response (as well as Muna's) to the article about the MRF in Indiana that was posted on Monday.  I too struggled to find the value in such a "puff" piece full of superlatives and empty of details.  I thought what Eric had to say was direct and legitimate and that the response he got was defensive and came across as petty.

One of the things that concerns me about this listserve is the dissuasion of direct dialogue between people who might have critical views.  I was under the impression that this group was actually started by folks who were tired of such orthodoxy from the more entrenched national groups.

I hope to see more such critical thinking and questioning.  Instead of simply passing on this article without commentary (which indeed does confer a certain amount of legitimacy to it) I'd like to see someone dig a bit deeper and present some meaningful analysis about this place to the very learned and experienced members of this listserve who clearly need more substance.

Amy Wilson

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